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Angela Merkel

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Angela Merkel: birthdate 17 july 1954 at 18:42 birthplace

The first woman and the youngest Chancellor of Germany in its history. Analysts suppose her to be an effective diplomatist, who can reach the goals. Despite her modest air, she is very ambitious and self-confident, she obtains quite a masculine character, courage, optimism and high career potential. It’s difficult to believe that a powerful politician is hidden in such an ordinary woman. If you want to be a success, climb the career ladder or just to know your strong and weak traits run Volikov’s test – online Personality test.

fidelity in personal relationship
scale of tact
scale of friendliness
scale of self-esteem
scale of activity
physical component summary
appropriate emotional response
(for women)
(for men)
tendency to addiction
The effectiveness of the logical component of intellect (ELCI)
An irrational, but also intuitive component of intellect (IICI)
career success


Please note that the assessment scale which we use reflects one or another feature of your character in comparison to other people and can or cannot coincide with your own self-concept, because each person has his own assessment scale at a certain age period.

The most important point here is that On-line personality test doesn’t put a label on you; it’s more like a guide for discovering your character. With this guide you get the opportunity for better understanding your unique personal traits and, if necessary, do something about this, developing your fine qualities.

Good luck!